Monday, April 12, 2010

We made it! Winter is dead!

Congratulations, friends. You too, enemies. And, of course, everyone in between (though in my Manichean worldview, there are very few in that last category, but I digress).

Today is the day we've been waiting for at CB HQ for MONTHS...the 2010 Indians Home Opener. As usual, for me it marks the end of winter and the renewal of Mother Earth's promise to be good to us if only we are good to her. Naturally, we won't be, and winter will darken our hearts again.

But in the meantime, we rejoice in the warming of the climes and cheer our struggling contribution to the nation's pasttime onward toward victory ... or at least out of the cellar.

Play Ball!

(Note: for CYA reasons, I'd like to point out I got the preceding image here. Worth checking out, actually. I like the way Mr. Macek provides a behinds the scenes view on local news media.)

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