Friday, April 16, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #62: White Hinterland "Mon Amie La Rose/Vessels"

If you are just tuning in to this here little blog now, you might be pleased to know that the Cleveland Bachelor April Show of the Month will be taking place TOMORROW night.

If you've been following around, you might start grumbling something like "Yeah, yeah, we got it. White Hinterland, The Sleeps, Dosh. Beachland Ballroom. Record Store Day. All that Jazz."

Well, stop your grumbling. If you need help, watch this little clip of White Hinterland playing a couple songs in the park. Languid and lovely, right?

I can't wait till she hits town.

White Hinterland "Mon Amie La Rose" & "Vessels" from Left | Right Hand on Vimeo.

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