Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celluloid Bachelor #60: The Sleeps "No More"

I've been promoting these monthly shows at the Beachland for a little while now and digging every minute of it. The benefits are overwhelming, but perhaps one of the best things about doing it has been how it has gotten me to pay a little more attention to the bands at the beginning of the bill. Doing so helped me find the band who put my favorite album of 2010 to date (The Octagon) and, this month, allowed me to discover a Cleveland band I didn't previously know about.

Cleveland's own The Sleeps have a fun sound, enough rock in it to make you think about owning a t-shirt, but enough pop that you'd consider listening on your way to work in the morning. I really dig the muted neon of the video below, too. Takes me back to my youthful days of hypercolor t-shirts and Reebok pumps.

Check out The Sleeps this Saturday (RECORD STORE DAY!) when they open for White Hinterland and Dosh at the April Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month. The bands'll be throwing down on the Tavern side of the Beachland with doors opening at 8 and the Cleveland cohort hitting the stage at 9ish. See you there!

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