Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome to Indigo Imp!

I don't know how this happened without me hearing a single peep, but apparently a new microbrewery has opened in downtown Cleveland. I suppose it helps I haven't read a Scene in a few months.

Regardless, I only learned of this new addition last night, when I rudely invited myself into a conversation between the staff and another customer at Visible Voice. Apparently you can only buy this fine ale at the brewery store and a single other location, Lilly's Handmade Chocolates in Tremont (another place I never checked out until last night and is also worth patronizing).

They've only released 2 different beers so far, a blonde and a winter one. At 12 bucks a sixer, I decided only to splurge on the winter six-pack, but my friend snagged a blonde six-pack and his wife had the genius idea to swap halvsies. Long story short, I have three of each cooling in my fridge, and if I remember to, I'll post my thoughts after I crack one.

It might be a bit, maybe a special occasion (if anything special ever happens to me again), as the price is kinda high. If $12 is too steep for you, even to support a new business actually making a home in downtown CLE, you can get them for a few bucks cheaper at the actual brewery. Check the website for the d's.

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