Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mega-serious endorsement

I need to tell you: I love Gateway Animal Clinic. And especially Dr. Abby. The difference between Ellie's care at Gateway the last two times versus the nightmare at Mandel is not just night and day, it is like the sun and the moon.

If you have pets and are wondering where to go, you can't beat Abby. You might be able to tie Abby - there are certainly plenty of good vets in Ohio - but you can't out-and-out beat her.

Thanks Gateway!

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Patty said...

Gateway really is the best Animal Clinic in town! ALL of the vets there are truly gems. Check out Gateway's Cruise for the Critters (1 mile pooch parade or 5K) every Sept. Niko (my black labby) and I bring more and more friends every year. It is a great time for a great cause!