Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Writer

Anyone here ever come across the essays of Christopher Noxon before? I just saw an article of his on salon.com, and it was fantastic, especially considering the topic (behavioral tendencies of toddlers) is nowhere near my zone of interest.

Noxon's writing was so pleasurable and funny, I googled his name and came across his website. There are a bunch of good ones there (especially the one about the rat, which has a spectacular ending), and a mention of his one book, a non-fiction that doesn't seem terrifically interesting to me (though I might buy a cheap used copy somewhere if I stumble upon it).

I hope this dude writes a novel, and soon. Anyway, for all you young parents out there, you might particularly appreciate him. He reminds me a lot of Neal Pollack and his alterna-dad schtick. Which is a good thing.

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