Thursday, January 24, 2008


Remember that wonderful burst of Spring in the middle of winter we had 2-3 weeks ago?

Yeah, I miss that.

I almost cried today, standing outside Tower City, waiting for the #6 or the E-line Trolley (whichever comes first).

I almost cried again, a few moments ago, riding down the elevator at work, when one of the women standing behind me said to the other, who was (justifiably) complaining about the cold, "Don't worry, it'll get worse."

Here's how tired I am of this winter, even though I'm fully aware it has been relatively mild:

I can't wait till June.

No shit, right?

I turn 30 in June.

I still can't wait till June.

Get it?

I really can't wait until June.

Yeah, that tired.

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