Friday, January 25, 2008

Another reason to root against the Pats in the game to remain nameless

Did you know that in the years following an NFC victory in the very last game of the playoffs (stupid copyright b.s.), the economy has a banner year?

This is the case 80% of the time anyway.
Or maybe it was in the years following a victory by a team from the original NFL.
Either way, the New York Football Giants qualify.
So, if you needed another reason to hate on the Patriots, beyond the spying and the poor sportsmanship and the evil head coach and the absolutely unfair and inequitable good fortune of Tom Brady, look no further.
That's right, a win by the two-touchdown underdog Giants could single-handedly solve the looming foreclosure crisis, reduce inflation, shore up the home sales numbers, serve as its very own economic stimulus, and maybe - just maybe - reverse the trend of the sinking dollar and restore American purchasing power.
I say, Go Giants.

(Bear in mind, the exact factiness of the aforementioned "facts" and the brilliance of my subsequent interpretation is to be taken with many grains of salt. I learned of this NFL-US macroeconomy linkage in the wee hours of the morning from George Noory on Coast to Coast AM as I was slouching toward dreamland. So far, all efforts to confirm this relationship -- in other words, a brief google search about 30 seconds ago -- have failed.)

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