Wednesday, January 30, 2008

62 degree change in the weather in three hours?!?

I walked my dog at about 115 AM last night. By the time I was done, my stocking cap was in my pocket along with my gloves. I was quite warm and the temperature gauge read 53 degrees.

A little while later I went off to bed, though my head o' congestion prohibited any meaningful sleep. Around 5, I heard the morning shift of talkers on whatever AM radio station I leave on at night talk about how cold it was.

"Ridiculous sissies," I thought. But then I started to listen. Some time after my dogwalking, a howling gale of frozenness came through, and within a few hours we went from 53 to -9 (wind-chill/real feel, but still).

WTF, weather-causers? 62 degrees? In only a few hours?


*WTF, indeed.*

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