Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lazy Sunday

In a twist of irony, a new blog about discovering the great parts of Cleveland starts off pretty quickly with a post about staying in on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

But stay in I did, after an evening of fruitlessly watching the Cubs lose to the Diamondbacks, followed by a couple scattered beers at the Duck Island Club and one ill-advised late-night conversation, I trudged off to bed around 4 AM.

I woke up just in time to turn on the TV and watch Derek Anderson throw his second interception. The Browns lost by 17, but really it was a closer game than that. They were definitely beat by a superior team, but against these Patriots -- arguably one of the more powerful teams in NFL history -- to keep the game close until late in the 4th quarter is a pretty solid achievement.

After that, it was more sitting sitting sitting, flipping between the MLB playoff games on TBS and "Waiting to Exhale" on HBO. (What?!? -- Don't ask me why I spent the early evening watching that flick -- it just happened.)

Now it is over and the Indians-Yankees game is in the bottom of the third. The Cleveland club has put a 1-spot on the board in each of the first three innings, while Westbrook has been blanking the businessmen ballplayers (at least so far). I'm signing off to watch the game with more attention.

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