Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tonight in Cleveland (6/2): Morningbell @ Now That's Class

As a blogger who writes a lot about music, I get more unsolicited music than you could ever imagine. Sounds cool, right? Not when you listen to most of it.

HOWEVER ... Sometimes you get some really cool stuff from boutique publicists and hustling musicians. Sometimes, for example, you get turned on to a band like Florida's Morningbell, a band who knows how to mix guitar hooks and volume as well as anyone else. For evidence, check out the video below. I recommend donning your headphones and turning the volume up.

Afterwards, you'll most definitely be wanting this information, so here goes:

The band will be playing Now That's Class tonight at 9. Other bands on the bill (all of which are worth catching) include Craig Ramsey, Sixes and Sevens, and Tides.

Let's Not Lose Our Heads by Morningbell from Eric Atria on Vimeo.

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