Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you ready for the CB March show of the month?

I sure hope you are, because I'm not. And, well, it is TONIGHT!

I totally dropped the ball on this one, folks, but fortunately John G banged out a killer poster (as per usual) and a number of folks blanketed the city with them on my behalf, thanks to Melanie at Music Saves managing the situation.

Speaking of Melanie and Music Saves, they have a bunch of cool stuff going on up and down Waterloo Road this evening, so come out early to check out the goodness and stick around for a show I'm super excited about (my ball-dropping is most definitely NOT a reflection of the bad assness of the line-up).

Tonight Australia's Summer Cats are playing, with an opening effort from City Center (made up of fellas from the much-lauded Saturday Looks Good To Me), and locals Lowly the Tree Ghost and ... AFTERNOON NAPS!!!!! Come on out. You'll find plenty of reasons to smile this drizzly Saturday.

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