Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm not a huge Halloween enthusiast. I mean, I don't hate it, I just don't get excited. I usually don't do the costume thing, but every so often I will if the situation mandates it.

This Halloween I did all my entertainment stuff the night before. Last night's annual Beachland Ballroom cover band bash was a blast - lots of time to chat with plenty of pals and drink a beer or two too many. Fortunately, now that I'm a Waterloo resident, I didn't have to challenge Johnny Law by driving home - just a quick jaunt down the block and I was back home to Casa Bachelor.

I've been dipping my toe in Halloween festivities all week, though. The other day, I posted this track on Citizen Dick from a new Youngstown band, and the other day my friend and I watched Otto, or Up with Dead People.

I'll say this about Otto ... it is a deeply funny movie, and satirizes things about film that I don't even know about. For a split second, I was half tempted to go get an MFA in film studies just so I could go back and re-watch the movie and get all the inside jokes.

Except then I'd have to re-watch the movie, which while funny was even more disturbing. Cookbook said that there was a scene in it that was the grossest she'd ever seen. When I saw it, I immediately agreed. If anything, "grossest I'd ever seen" is too polite a way to describe the (literal) abdomen-fucking moment.

Far more too my tastes was the zombie book I read this week, American Desert, which offers bite-sized (pun unintended) hilarious jabs at institutions from right-wing religious extremism to the myopia of academic life to the insurance industry to the greatest zombie of all (aka Jesus), while describing the plight of a man who, en route to commit suicide, gets decapitated in a fatal car accident and, then, three days later reanimates (sans all vital signs and, eventually, organs) and has to assimilate back into the land of the mostly living.

Now, on the day of the big event, I'm a little Halloweened out and probably will stay in (though a visit down the block to catch Lawrence Daniel Caswell DJ may motivate me off the couch later on). So, while the rest of you are out being spooky and such, have fun, be safe, and tip one back for the Bachelor.

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Cookbook said...

Zombie abdomen fucking: disturbing, but hilarious. What can you do besides laugh? Or leave the theater, which is what several people did when I saw this at the Cinematheque.

[Note: Bachelor spent approximately a third of the time watching the film with his eyes covered. I think because that third of the film was like a trainwreck of male genitalia and guts.]