Tuesday, December 4, 2007


After a LONG day of work, I came home, cleaned the baby beagle's ears, then headed over to the Grog Shop to see Unsparing Sea play. There had been a pretty awesome write-up this past week in the Free Times that really made me want to see them. I was envisioning something like a Van Occupanther-era Midlake meets toned down Arcade Fire, and got exactly what I expected. The show was pretty awesome, and I ended up picking up a copy of their CD (2 actually; one for Ducky for christmas). While I was waiting to get to the merch table, the next band came on: This Will Destroy You (from San Marcos, TX). They were also pretty terrific, some sonic insanity w/o lyrics. I'm a lyrics guy, and if you could pair some poetry with their jams, you'd have something really special.

I'm home now, about to hit the hay. Tomorrow night, there is another interesting show, this time at the Beachland Ballroom feat. Brooklyn's White Magic and Cleveland's own Mystery of Two. I may check it out. Though I REALLY need to do some laundry. We shall see.

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